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Data Structure Using 'C'

     Unit 1:- Basic Concept of Data Representation

     Unit 2: - Introduction to Algorithm Design and Data Structure:

     Unit 3: -Arrays

    Unit 4: -Representation of stack using array and linked list (Part-1)

                 Representation of QUEUE using array and linked list (Part-2)

   Unit 5: - Singly Linked List(Part-1)

Digital Electronics and Microprocessor

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Data Base Management System (DBMS)

    Unit 1: - Introduction to Data Base Management System

    Unit 8: - Backup and Recovery


Object Oriented Programming Through C++ (OOPs)

 Unit 1: -Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

 Unit 2: -Elements of C++ Language


System Analysis and Management Information System(SAMIS)

    Unit 1: - Introduction to System Analysis 

    Unit 2: - System Analyst

    Unit 3: - System Development Cycle

    Unit 5: - Modular and Structure Design



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  1. Sir digital electronics ka notes kb upload kigiyega

    1. Digital electronics ka kb upload kijiyega sir notes...


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