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This sight is very helpful for the student who are doing diploma in COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING.

In my sight there are previous year question for the students, which is very helpful for them, and it also provide notes according to their syllabus. As per their content this sight language is very easy for them. They can easily understand about their entire topics and sub topics.

All the notes in my blog are given accordingly to as per new syllabus of diploma and point wise which is helpful for them in examination point of view. They can learn and understand the topics very easily and without any confusion.

This sight is also helpful for those students who wish to learn programming language such as C, C++, and JAVA.

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My name is MOHIT KUMAR.
I am a student.
I had done my Diploma in Computer science and engineering (2016-2019).

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What’s app – 8873466244
Instagram Id – mohit13kumar1

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