Operating system 2017 question

Sub Code: - 1618305

Time : 3Hrs
Sem. III(New)
OS (CSE)  
Full Marks : 70
Pass marks : 28

Group A

Choose the most suitable answer from the following options: -   (1*20=20)

(i) The interval from of time of submission of a process to the time of completion is termed as-
(a) waiting time
(b) turn around time
(c) response time
(d) throughout

(ii) Time quantum is defined in ___________ scheduling algorithm
(a) SJF
(b) FCFS
(c) Round Robin
(d) Priority

(iii) The number of process completed per unit time is known as-
(a) throughput
(b) output
(c) litency
(d) efficiency 

(iv) The process control block is ___________
(a) process type variable
(b) a secondary storage section
(c) data structure
(d) a block in memory

(v) The degree of multi programming is___________
(a) the number of process executed per unit time
(b) the number of process in the ready queue
(c) the number of process in the I/O queue
(d) the number of process in memory

(vi) ______ is the concept in which process is copied into main memory from the secondary memory according to the requirement 
(a) paging 
(b) demand paging 
(c) segmentation
(d) swapping

(vii) Standard set of functions through which interacts with kernel is defined by
(a) system libraries
(b) kernel code
(c) compilers
(d) utility program  

(viii) The circular wait condition can be prevented by-
(a) defining a linear ordering of resources types
(b) using thread 
(c) using pipes
(d) all of the mentioned above

(ix) Physical memory is broken into fixed-size blocks called-
(a) pages 
(b) frames
(c) backing store
(d) none of these

(x) The ____ table contains the base address of each page in physical memory
(a) process  
(b) page
(c) memory
(d) frame

(xi) Paging increase the _______ time
(a) context switch 
(b) waiting
(c) execution
(d) all of these
 (xii) To access the services of operating system, the interface is provided by the-
(a) API
(b) library
(c) System calls
(d) Assembly instruction

(xiii) Which is the first program run on a computer when the computer boots up?
(a) system software
(b) system operations
(c) operating system
(d) none of these

(xiv) A thread is also called a___________
(a) light weight process
(b) heavy weight process
(c) process 
(d) none of these

(xv) CPU fetches the instruction from memory according to the value of-
(a) program counter
(b) status register
(c) instruction register
(d) program status word

(xvi) Which of the following is not a CPU scheduling algorithm 
(a) LRU
(c) FIFO
(d) Round Robin
 (xvii) First to LINUX kernel which supports the SMP hardware was
(a) Linux 0.1
(b) Linux 1.0
(c) Linux 1.2
(d) Linux 2.0

(xviii) If a page no is not found in the TLB then it is known as a 
(a) TLB miss
(b) Buffer miss
(c) TLB hit
(d) none of above

(xix) With multi programming _________ is used productively
(a) time 
(c) money
(d) all of these

(xx) A________ is a collection of electronics that can operate a part a bus or a device.
(a) controller
(b) driver
(c) host
(d) bus

Group B

➥ Answer all Five Questions: -    (5*4=20)                     

1.What are the differences between batch O.S and multi programming. 

List thee difference between mainframe and desktop O.S .

2. What is process and process control block ?          

What is the use of inter process communication ?

3. Differentiate demand paging and swapping in brief ?

Define logical address and physical address ?

4. With a neat diagram explain in brief the various state of a process .

  Explain the file system ,secondary storage structure .

5. Define Linux virtualization .

 List the component of LINUX kernel modules .

Group C
➥ Answer all five question: -       (5*6=30)                          
   6. Explain the process of process . Draw a process transition diagram and explain the various process state .
 Explain in detail what are the advantage of IPC (inter process communication). How communication takes place in shared memory environment .

 7. What is deadlock ? How deadlock are detected ?

 What is page fault ? Explain in detail the steps involve in handling a page fault with a neat sketch .

   8. Consider the reference string :

        7,0,1,2,0,3,0,4,2,3,0,3,2,1,2,0,1,7,0 for a memory with three  frames . Trace FIFO , optimal and LRU page replacement algorithm .
  Illustrate the page replacement algorithm 
              i) LRU 
             ii) LRU-Approximate page replacement uses the reference string. 

   9. Assume the following jobs have in the arrive order 1,2,4 and 5

        job      Arviral time    Burst time     priority      
         1               0                   15                 2
         2               2                    3                  1

         3               5                    5                  5

         4              6                     8                  4
         5              7                    12                 3
Give giantt chart and calculate average turn around and waiting time for
 (i) FCFS  
  (ii) SRTF and preemtive priority algorithm .      
What is demand paging ? Describe the process of how can demand paging can be implemented with virtual memory .

10. Describe about the network structure of LINUX system in data. 
Discuss the features and benefits of UNIX  operating in detail .

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