Data communication and networking 2019 question

Data Communication and Networking

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Time : 3Hrs
         Sem. V(New)                   
  Data communication Network  (CSE)

Full Marks : 70
Pass marks : 28

Group A


Choose the most suitable answer from the following options: -   (1*20=20)

(i) Communication between a computer and a keyboard involves ____________ transmission

(a) Automatic

(b) Half- duplex

(c)  Full - duplex

(d) Simplex

(ii) The ________ is the physical path over which a message travels

(a) Path

(b) Medium

(c) Protocol

(d) Route

(iii) Home access is provided by

(a) DSL

(b) FTTP

(c) Cable

(d) All of the mentioned

(iv) Choose the statement which is not applicable for a cable internet access

(a) It is a shared broadcast medium          

(b)In includes HFCs

(c) Cable modem connects home to PC Ethernet port

(d) Analog signal is converted to digital signal in DSLAM

(v) Two devices can share a singles link

(a) Multipoint

(b) Point-to-point

(c) Primary

(d) Secondary

(vi) Transmission data rate is decided by

(a) Network layer

(b) Physical layer

(c) Data link layer

(d) Transport layer

(vii) HFC contain

(a) Fiber cable

(b) Coaxial cable

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d)  None of these

(viii) A single channel is shared multiple signals by

(a) Analog modulation

(b) Digital modulation

(c) Multiplexing

(d) None of these

(ix) In virtual circuit network each packet contains

(a) Full source and destination address

(b) A short VC number

(c) Only source address

(d) Only destination address

(x)  Automatic repeat request error management mechanism is provided by

(a) Logical link control sub layer

(b) Medium access control sun layer

(c) Network interface control sub layer

(d) None of these

(xi) Which of the following is a version of UDP with congestion control?

(a) Datagram congestion control protocol

(b) Stram control transmission protocol

(c) Structured stream transport

(d) None of these

(xii) Which of the following is not used to generate dynamic web page

(a) PHP

(b) ASP. NET

(c) JSP

(d) None of these

(xiii) Data communication system within a building or campus is

(a) LAN

(b) WAN

(c) MAN

(d) None of these

(xiv) In segment header sequence number and acknowledgement number field refers to

(a)Byte number 

(b) Buffer number

(c) Segment number

(d) Acknowledgment number

(xv) The value of acknowledgement field in a segment defines

(a)  Number of previous bytes to receive

(b) Total number of bytes to receive

(c)  Number of next byte to receive

(d) Sequence of zero’s and one’s


(xvi) In wireless distribution system

(a)  Multiple access point are inter-connected with each other

(b) There is no access point

(c)  Only one access point exist

(d) None of the mentioned


(xvii) A wireless network interface controller can work in

(a)  Infrastructure mode

(b) Ad-hoc mode

(c)  (a) and (b) both

(d) None of the mentioned


(xviii) The DOS attack is which the attacker establishes and large number of half-open or fully open TCP connections at the target host

(a)  Vulnerability attack

(b) Connection flooding

(c)  Bandwidth flooding

(d) All of the above


(xix) In the resource are reserved between two communicating end systems in circuit switching this is achieved 

(a)  Authentication

(b) Guaranteed constant rate

(c)  Reliability

(d) Stone and forward


(xx) Application layer is implemented in

(a)  End system

(b) NIC

(c)  Ethernet

(d) None of these


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Answer all Five Questions: -                         (5*4=20) 


2.  What are the three criteria necessary for an effective and efficient network?


Identify the five components of a data communications system.


3.  What is the role the address field in a packet traveling through a datagram network?


What is the role of the address field in a packet traveling through a virtual- circuit network?


4. What is the difference between a direct and indirect delivery?


What are the elements of data communication?


5.  Why is there no need for CSMA/CD on full-duplex Ethernet LAN?


Compare the data rates for standard Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and Ten- Gigabit Ethernet.


6. What do you mean by point to point protocol?


What do you mean by network control protocol?


Group:- "C"


Answer all Five Questions: -                         (5*6=30) 


7.  Explain different switching techniques in detail.


Explain internet and DSN in detail.


8.  Explain all the three different multiplexing techniques in detail.


Differentiate between terrestrial and satellite communication in detail.


9.  Explain different layers of OSI model in detail.


Explain guided and unguided medium in detail.


10.  Compare the TCP header with UDP header. List the fields in the TCP header that are missing from UDP header.


Explain any one routing algorithms in computer networks.


11.  Which of the four digital to analogue conversion techniques (ASK, FSK, PSK, QAM) is most susceptible in noise? Defend your answer.


Write short note on:-

a)    VPN (virtual private network)

b)    Firewall





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