What is software


        1. INTRODUCTION:

What is System Software?

Components of System Software

Evolution of System Software

The model of a computer system

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Before we know about system software lets study what is software and its type: -

1. A set of programs which is designed to perform a well-defined function is known as SOFTWARE.

2. We can also say that software is a collection of instructions that enable the user to interact with a computer, its hardware, or perform tasks.

3. Most system or computer would be useless without software. To understand this lets take an example suppose you have no internet browser i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, etc., you could not surf the internet or read this page.

4. Generally there are two types of software

a. Application software

b. System software

Application software: -

1. Software that is designed to satisfy a particular need of a particular environment is called application software.

2. Software that is prepared under the computer lab can come under the category of application software.

3. Application software consists of a single program, programs such as MS Notepad for writing and editing text.

4. Some example of application softwares are: -

a. Payroll software

b. Microsoft word

c. MS Excel

d. MS Power Point

e. MS Office

f. Railway reservation software such as NTES, IRCTC

5. Some features of Application software are as follows: -

a. It is close to the user

b. Application software is easy to design

c. It is slow in speed

d. It is generally written is HLL (High Level Language)

e. Most of the application software is bigger in size therefore they take large storage space.

Difference between System software and application software: -





Software that maintains the system software and give the path for run application software are known as system software

Software that are built to run specific task known as application software.


System software are written in Low Level Language

Application software are written in High Level Language


System software is general purpose software

Application software is specific purpose software


System cannot run without System software.

System can run without Application software.


When we turn on our system, system software run and stop when system turned off

Application system runs as per user request.


Example of system software are as follows: -windows OS (XP, vista,7, 10), MacOS etc

Example of application software are as follows: -Photoshop, VLC player etc.



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