Sub Code: - 1600303

Time : 3Hrs
Sem. III(New)
I.S.P. (CSE)  
Full Marks : 70
Pass marks : 28
Group A

Choose the most suitable answer from the following options: -   (1*20=20)

(i) By default, on which page the header or the footer is printed ?
(a) on first page
(b) on alternate page
(c) on every page
(d) none of above

(ii) What is the extension of file created in MS word 97 - 2003 ?
(a) .dot
(b) .doc
(c) .dom
(d) .txt

(iii) Portrait and landscape are -
(a) page orientation
(b) paper size
(c) paper layout
(d) all of above

(iv) A character that is raised and smaller above the baseline is known as -
(a) superscript
(b) raised
(c) outline
(d) subscript

(v) We can click U to make text 
(a) Bold
(b) Italic
(c) Underline
(d) None of above

(vi) You can add picture in document using          menu.
(a) File
(b) Insert
(c) Edit
(d) None of above

(vii) Which of the following is not a font style ?
(a)  Bold
(b) Italic
(c) Regular
(d) Superscript

(viii) Bullets and numbering is in            tab in MS Word 2010 .
(a) Home tab
(b) Insert tab
(c) Page layout tab
(d) View tab

(ix) Footer appears at the           of  the page.
(a) Top
(b) Bottom
(c) Center
(d) None of above

(x) Charts are created using  which option ?
(a) Chart wizard
(b) Pivot table
(c) Pie chart
(d) None of above

(xi) In excel formula starts with 
(a) =
(b) +
(c) -
(d) None of above

(xii) The cell reference for cell range of G2 to M12 is -
(a) G2 . M12
(b) G2 ; M12
(c) G2 : M12
(d) G2 - M12

(xiii) What is the keyword start cut for creating a chart from the selected cell range ?
(a) F2
(b) F4
(c) F8

(xiv) Which function will you use to enter current time in a worksheet cell ?
(a) =today( )
(b) =now( )
(c) =time( )
(d) =current time ( )

(xv) Powerpoint is used for -
(a) Word processing
(b) Spreadsheet
(c) Presentations 
(d) None of above

(xvi) Hyperlinks can be 
(a) Text
(b) Drawing objects
(c) Pictures 
(d) All of the above

(xvii) Which of the following is not one of powerpoint view ?
(a) slide show view
(b) slide view
(c) presentation view
(d) outline view
 (xviii) Which powerpoint view works best for adding slide transitions ?
(a) slide show view
(b) slide sorter view
(c) slide view
(d) notes view

(xix) Special effect used to introduce slides in a presentation are called -
(a) effects
(b) custom animation
(c) transitions 
(d) present animation

(xx) What is the virus that spread in computer ?
(a) It is hardware
(b) It is system software
(c) It is computer program 
(d) It is window tool

Group B
➥ Answer all Five Questions: -                         (5*4=20) 

2. Write various advantages of using MS-word.
What is superscripts and subscripts . Explain with example method of adding it in word document.

3. Write the steps to create a marco in MS-word 2000 .
Explain the concept the cell addressing in MS-Excel.

4. Explain  use of auto sum feature in MS-Excel.
Write a step of following -
                 (a) Insert a column
                 (b) Change the row height
                 (c) Creating  tables 
5. Explain screen element of MS power point window.
 How slide layout is beneficial for creating slides ? Explain.

6. Explain following -
       (a) Printing handouts 
       (b) Handout master
Write short notes on the following -
                    (a) virus in computer system 
                    (b) Name some anti-virus package name

Group C
➥ Answer all Five Questions: -                         (6*5=30) 

7.  What is mail -merge ? Write the steps to creating mail-merge in MS-word.
       Explain various screen element of MS-Word.

 8. What are different categories of charts ? Write the steps to create a chart in MS-Excel .
Explain any 4 mathematical formula in Excel with example.

 9. What is animation in power point ? Explain various animation effects to improve your presentation.
Write short notes on following -
           (a) Rehearse timing of slides
           (b) Autofill feature in Excel

  10. Write the steps of creating a power point presentation and also explain various main element of office bottom.
 Explain various views of slides.

11.  Write short notes on following -
            (a) Cell addressing 
            (b) Use of header and footers
Describe role of antivirus package in computer system.                


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