Visual basic 2021 diploma question

 Visual basic 2021 question

Sub Code: - 1618603



Time : 3Hrs

  Semester  VI(New)/CSE  

Visual basic       

Full Marks : 70

Pass marks : 28

Group A


Choose the most suitable answer from the following options: -   (1*20=20)

(i) Visual suffixed software are for which operating system ?

(a) Dos

(b) Windows

(c)  Both

(d) None

(ii) In event driven programming the program is controlled by the :

(a) Modules

(b) Objects

(c) Events

(d) None

(iii) Visual basic is extension of which language

(a) Basic

(b) CoBol


(d) None of these

(iv) In Visual basic, changes are reflected in:

(a)Project Explorer Windows            

(b)Explorer Windows

(c) Project Windows

(d) All of these

(v) Select all command is there on:

(a) File Menu

(b) Edit Menu

(c) Query Menu

(d)None of the above

(vi) Variables are used for information to be:

(a) Stored

(b) Moved

(c) Created

(d) All of the above

(vii) Values of constants in the program:

(a) Changes

(b) Remain same

(c) Alters


(viii) A variable is defined using….

(a) Dim

(b) Define

(c) Light

(d) None

(ix) What is the output of the following code?

 MyString = “HelloWorld”

Location = Inst(MyString, “rid’)

(a) 10

(b) 9

(c) 7

(d) 11

(x) All the following statements are true about variable scope except

(a) Local

(b) Module

(c) Global

(d) Static

(xi) To find the upper and lower limits of array in terms of elements

use :-

(a) L trim and R trim Function

(b) L bounds and U bound Functions

(c) Lower Val and Upper val functions

(d) All of the above

(xii) When the form is first referenced in any manners by program, the triggered event is:-

(a) Load

(b) Initialize

(c) Activate

(d) None of these

(xiii) What properties are required to be specified

For a menu items ?

(a) Name

(b) Caption

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) (a) or (b)

(xiv)A control array is a group of controls that share the same

 name and …


(b) Surname

(c) Text

(d) None

(xv) For displaying error messages , we use :

(a)  Box

(b) Msg Box

(c)  Display

(d) None

(xvi) If pressing a commands, a new set of command

Comes on screen, it is called :

(a)  New Menu

(b) Screen Menu

(c)  Pop -up Menu

(d) All of these

(xvii) The ….. event occurs when the mouse pointer

Is moved across the screen

(a)  Mouse

(b) Mouse Move

(c)  Move

(d) All

(xviii) Upright page is called:

(a)  portrait

(b) landscape

(c)  Lying

(d) None

(xix) You can use visual basic’s ……. Method to

Print a copy of the current form as many times as the

User specifies

(a)  Print to

(b) Print one

(c)  Print form

(d) None

(xx) Active technology allows you to create executable files with extension .com and ……

(a)  .exe

(b) .prg

(c)  .ppp

(d) None



Answer all Five Questions: -                         (5*4=20) 


2.  What is visual basic programming ?


What is event driven programming ?


3.  Describe how windows handle visual events and messages.


What are forms?


4. How is Dims statements used ?


What are controls flow statements?


5.  Describe naming convention of variables.


Explain how to control one form within another?


6. Describe the various mouse events.


What is unique index value in the case of menu control item ?


Group:- "C"


Answer all Five Questions: -                         (5*6=30) 


7.  Explain different types of arrays used in VB.

Explain how to declare an array in visual basic?


Describe various date and time functions


8.  Describe the method to do the following :

a)Create a clock program

b)Create a stopwatch program


Describe the  method of displaying with print form.


9.  What do you understand by DAO, RDO and ADO ?


Explain how to customize the appearance of the form. Describe the values of the border style property.


10.  Explain the terms scope a variable?

What are the different levels of scope is visual basic?


Which type of form is displayed on the screen showing information such as the name of the application, copying information and a simple bitmap.


11.  What is the difference between EXE and DLL ?


Define the following windows controls :

a)   Text Box controls

b)   Combo Box controls

c)    File controls



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