Management 2021 question

 Management 2021

Sub Code: - 1600601



Time : 3Hrs

  Semester  VI(New)/CSE  


Full Marks : 70

Pass marks : 28

Group A


Choose the most suitable answer from the following options: -   (1*20=20)

(i) The father of modern management was

(a) F. W Tayler

(b) Henery Fayol

(c)  George R Terry

(d) Appley

(ii) Full secrecy can be maintained in

    (a)                  Co-Operative Organization

    (b)                   Sole proprietorship

    (c)                    Partnership

    (d)                   Joint stock company


(iii) Internal source of recruitment do not included in:

(a)         Promotion

(b)         Transfer

(c)          Demotion

(d)         Gate hiring


(iv) Staffing deals with:

    (a)                   Presence recruitment

    (b)                   Past recruitment

    (c)                    Future recruitment

    (d)                   Present & future recruitment


(v) In an organisation authority flows from:

(a) bottom to top

(b) top to bottom

(c) Horizontal

(d) None of these


(vi) which characteristics is related to leadership:

    (a)                   Decisive

    (b)                   Kindly

    (c)                    Agreeable

    (d)                   All of these


(vii) Negative motivation is:

    (a)                   Compulsory leave

    (b)                   Compulsory retirement

    (c)                    Fine

    (d)                   All of these



 (viii) In staffing function management includes:

    (a)                   Selection placements of employees

    (b)                   Determinations of the source of recruitment

    (c)                    Giving training program to the employee

    (d)                   All of these


(ix) Project report is:

    (a)                   List of machines

    (b)                   List of contents

    (c)                    Operating document

    (d)                   None of these

(x) Factors affecting the productivity are:

(a)  human resource

(b) technology

(c) govt. regulation

(d) all of these


(xi) Buisness organisation should feel concerned with social responsibility because they:

    (a)                   Can make huge profit

    (b)                   Are more efficient

    (c)                    Are the part of society

    (d)                   Can compile in better way


(xii) In which form of business organization the maximum number of member are fifty:

    (a)                   Sole proprietorship

    (b)                   Partnership

    (c)                    Joint stock company

    (d)                   Co-operative organization


(xiii) The fast systematic theory of organization is also known as:

    (a)                   Human relation theory

    (b)                   Classical theory

    (c)                    Scientific management theory

    (d)                   None of these


(xiv) Which one of the following statement is true:

    (a)                   Management is above administration

    (b)                   Management and administration are same

    (c)                    Management is below administration

    (d)                   Management and administration are two different disciplines


(xv) Management is a:

    (a)                   Pure science

    (b)                   Applied science

    (c)                    An art

    (d)                   Both science and art

(xvi) Major head of fixed assets of balance sheet are:

    (a)                   Good will

    (b)                   Land

    (c)                    Building

    (d)                   All of these


(xvii) Centralization means:

    (a)                   Decreasing the work pressure among officers

    (b)                   Limit the authority to officers only

    (c)                    Establishing different branches at one places

    (d)                   None of these


(xviii) Indian factory act 1948 came into force on:

    (a)                   1st April 1949

    (b)                   23rd September 1948

    (c)                    28th august 1948

    (d)                   1st march 1949


(xix) Delegation of authority is:

    (a)                   Symbol of authority

    (b)                   Fixation of authority

    (c)                    Expansion of authority

    (d)                   None

(xx) Negative motivations are those motivations which are based on:

    (a)                   Reward

    (b)                   Fear

    (c)                    Both (a) & (b)

    (d)                   None of these.




Answer all Five Questions: -                         (5*4=20) 


2.  What is chemical industry? Discuss it briefly.


    Explain four limitations of breakeven analysis.


3. Define span of control. Explain it .


   Explain four importance of training.


4. Define monetary motivation with examples.


    Write the characteristics of an autocratic leader


5. Define four objectives of management.


   Write four qualities of a good leader.


6. Discuss four safety provisions of Indian factory act 1948.


    Write the different levels of management.



Group:- "C"


Answer all Five Questions: -                         (5*6=30) 


7. Define leadership. Explain about the types of leadership.


    Define globalization and write its advantages.


8. Discuss merits and demerits of Joint Stock Company.


    Define training. Discuss different types of training.


9. Briefly describe the features and functions of modern management.


   “Evolution of management”. Explain in brief.


10. What is meant by quality control? Write importance of quality control.


What do you mean by recruitment and selection? How is recruitment differing from selection?


11. What is partnership from ownership. Discuss its characteristics.


   Write the function of purchase department. 




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