Management diploma question

Sub Code: - 1600601


Time : 3Hrs

  Semester  VI(New)/CSE  


Full Marks : 70

Pass marks : 28


Group A


Choose the most suitable answer from the following options: -   (1*20=20)

(i) The Father of scientific management was?

(a) Tayler

(b) Faylon

(c)  George R Terry

(d) Apply

(ii) Who was defined function of management as POSDCORB?

(a) G.R. Terry

(b) Luther Gullick

(c) J.B. Say

(d) J.A. Schumpeter

(iii) The formation and management of partnership is governed by provision of.

(a) Indian partnership Act 1931

(b) Indian partnership Act 1933

(c) Indian partnership Act 1932

(d) Indian partnership Act 1934

(iv) Giving complete freedom to subroutine is

(a) Autocratic leadership

(b) Laissez leadership

(c) Democratic leadership

(d) None of these 

(v) The important element in business is

(a) Risk

(b) Black marketing

(c) Profit

(d)All of the above

(vi) Which of the following is the oldest model of organization?

(a) Committee organization 

(b) Functional organization

(c) Line organizational

(d) Line and staff organizational

(vii) The real owner of Joint Stock Company is

(a) Board of directors

(b) Financer

(c) Shareholders

(d)Debenture holders

(viii) The institution organized and operated to provide goods and services to society under the incentive of private gain is known as: -

(a) Business

(b) Govt. Offices

(c) Non Govt. organization

(d) None of these

(ix) Which of the following character is essential for a leader?

(a) Presence of the follower

(b) Approval of the follower

(c) Same interest

(d) All of the above

(x) In which form of business organization there is a direct relationship between efforts and reward.

(a) Partnership

(b) Co-operative organization

(c) Sole proprietorship

(d) Joint Stock Company

(xi) Which business organization has maximum secrecy?

(a) Partnership

(b) Co-operative organization

(c) Sole proprietorship

(d) Joint Stock Company

(xii) ABC analysis and EOQ technique are

(a) Both techniques are very important technique of inventory control

(b) Only ABC is more important techniques of inventory control

(c) LIFO and FIFO are equally potent techniques of inventory control

(d) All the above are important techniques of inventory control

(xiii) A budget is a statement showing:

(a) Forecast of the financial activities of the business

(b) It is an estimate to achieve a specific goal

(c) It is a policy statement if an enterprises

(d) None of these

(xiv) When 51% shares are in the hands if government it is called

(a) Public company

(b) Private company

(c) Semi public company

(d) Government company

(xv) Which of the following is true?

(a)  Authority and power are same

(b) Authority gives power

(c)  Power gives authority

(d) None

(xvi) Which of the following is also known as profit and loss?

(a) Statement of earning 

(b) Statement of incomes

(c)  Statement of operation

(d) All of the above

(xvii) In partnership firm written deed is preferred because of the following reasons.

(a) So that it may be referred to easily in case of any dispute

(b) It may be enforced by the court of law

(c)  Profit and loss may be settled easily by partners

(d) All of the above

(xviii) As per Indian Partnership Act the maximum number if partners for doing general

(a) 7 

(b) 20

(c)  15

(d) 10 

(xix) “Maslow need Hierarchy” theory is related with

(a)  Motivation

(b) Direction

(c)  Controlling

(d) Planning

(xx) A leader guides because of:

(a)  Authority

(b) Power

(c)  Influence

(d) All of the above




Answer all Five Questions: -                         (5*4=20) 


2.  What is partnership? Explain it briefly.


Write the different types of motivation.


3.  What is staffing? Write its scope.


Write four objectives of purchase department?


4. Is leadership essential for an organization?


Define joint stock company also write its two advantages.


5.  Discuss four welfare provisions of Indian factory act 1948.


Define different types of organizational structures.


6. Write about unity of command?


Explain meaning of Centralization of office service. Write its two importances.


Group:- "C"


Answer all Five Questions: -                         (5*6=30) 


7.  What do you mean by business? Discuss the main objectives of a modern business.


What do you mean by financial management? What are the functions of financial management?


8.  Define motivation. Discuss the benefits of motivation.


What are the external and internal sources of recruitment? Explain in brief.


9.  What is sole proprietorship organization? Discuss its characteristics.


Discuss the main provisions of Service Tax.


10.  Discuss the three main provisions of Indian factories Act 1948.


What do you mean by inventory control? “It is the most important technique of modern financial control.” Justify the statement briefly.


11.  Define leadership. Discuss in brief the important qualities of a successful leadership


What are the different techniques of project management? Explain in brief.




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