Computer Graphics Diploma question

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Time : 3Hrs

  Semester  VI(New)/CSE  

  Computer Graphics    

Full Marks : 70

Pass marks : 28


Group A

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Choose the most suitable answer from the following options: -   (1*20=20)

(i) Which devices provide positional information to the graphic system?

(a) Input device

(b) Output device

(c) Pointing device

(d) Both (a) and (c)

(ii) In graphic system, the array of pixels in the picture is stored in:

(a) Memory

(b) Frame buffer

(c) Processor

(d) All of the mentioned

(iii) The maximum number of points that can be displayed without overlap on a CRT is referred as:

(a) Picture

(b) Resolution

(c) Persistence

(d) Neither (b) and (c)

(iv) In LCD, the refresh rate of the screen is:

(a) 60 frames/ sec

(b) 80 frames/ sec

(c) 30 frames/ sec

(d) 100 frames/ sec

(v) The primary output device in a graphic system is:

(a) Scanner

(b) Video monitor

(c) Neither (a) and (b)

(d) Printer

(vi) Aspect ratio means:

(a) Number of pixels

(b) Ratio of vertical points to horizontal points

(c) Ration of horizontal points to vertical points

(d) Both (b) and (c)

(vii) What is the name of the space in which the image is displayed?

(a) World c0-ordinate system

(b) Screen co-ordinate system

(c) World window

(d)Interface window

(viii) We translate a two-dimensional point by adding:

(a) Translation distance

(b) Translation difference

(c) X and Y

(d) Only (a)

(ix) If the magnitude of the curve slope is lesser than 1, then:

(a) We can plot horizontal spans

(b) We can plot vertical spans

(c) Only (b)

(d) All of the mentioned

(x) One of the methods for displaying thick curve.

(a) Curve slope

(b) Curve width

(c) Curve cap

(d) Only (c)

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(xi) Which one is the rigid body transformation that moves object without deformation?

(a) Translation

(b) Scaling

(c) Rotation

(d) Shearing

(xii) An ellipse can also be rotated about its co-ordinates by rotating

(a) End points

(b) Major and minor axis

(c) Only (a)

(d) None

(xiii) Which of the following is not a line-type?

(a) Dashed line

(b) Dark line

(c) Dotted line

(d) Only (b)

(xiv) Pixel mask means:

(a) A string containing only 1’s

(b) A string containing only 0’s

(c) A string containing 1 and 0 

(d) A string containing only 0 and 1.

(xv) The father of animation

(a)  Walt Disney

(b) J. Stuart Blackton

(c)  William Horner

(d) J.A. Ferdinard Pleateau

(xvi) Which animation is used to animate things that are smaller than life size?

(a)  Immersive

(b) Clay motion

(c)  Stop motion

(d) Augmented

(xvii) How many types of video compression?

(a)  2

(b) 3

(c)  4

(d) 5

(xviii) The most commonly used boundary presentation for a 3-D graphics object is:

(a)  Data polygon

(b) Surface polygon

(c)  System polygon

(d) None of these

(xix) The intersection point of visual rays with PPP is:

(a)  Penetration point

(b) Piercing point

(c)  Exit point

(d) Vanishing point

(xx) Which one is vertical projection plane used to obtain the objects perspective:

(a)  Orthographic plane

(b) Vertical plane

(c)  Perspective plane

(d) Horizontal plane

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Answer all Five Questions: -                         (5*4=20) 


2.  What is computer graphics? Illustrate classification of computer graphics.


Describe the importance of CAD in architecture and animation.


3.  What is random scan monitor? Describe the plasma panel display.


What is LCD panel? Briefly describe it’s functioning.


4. What is homogeneous co-ordinate system? Describe its use in translation and scaling with suitable examples. 


What is 2D transformation? Write the transformation matrix for translation and rotation.


5.  Write the DDA line drawing algorithm and explain it with a suitable example.


Write the Bresenham’s line drawing algorithm and Explain it with suitable example.


6. Write the mid-point sub-division algorithm. 


Describe the “isometric” and “oblique” projections.


Group:- "C"


Answer all Five Questions: -                         (5*6=30) 


7.  What do you understand from line clipping? Write the explicit line clipping algorithm.


What is Sutherland Cohen algorithm? Explain its different steps.


8.  What are the basic and types of animation?


Explain the following terms briefly

    a.          Vanishing point

    b.          Hidden surface removal

     c.          Back face removal


9.  Show the result of transforming the point (1,2) by the homogeneous transformation matrix given below:

                              0        -1       3

                    m =   1        0       1

                              0        0        1


If m is a 2*2 rotation matrix, give a simple operation for computing m-1.


10. What is the size of a pixel on a 21-inch diagonal screen with physical aspect ratio 8:5 operating is 1152 * 800 mode?  


Describe the effect of scaling transformation s(-1,1).


11.  Explain the “scan-line” hidden surface removal algorithm.


Write a function to draw a 6cm square centered on the screen.




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