Visual Basic Diploma question 2020


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Time: 3Hrs                                                                          

Semester  VI(New) 

              Visual Basic     

Full Marks: 70

Pass marks: 28


Group A


Choose the most suitable answer from the following options: -   (1*20=20)

(i) ______ cannot be declared in a form or class module.

(a) Static constants

(b) Private constants

(c) Public constants

(d) None of these

(ii) The default type of data (default data type) for VB is__________

(a) Integer

(b)  Decimal

(c) Variant

(d)  String

(iii) The _______ allows direct exit from a For loop, Do loop, sub procedure, or function procedure.

(a) Break

(b) Exit

(c) Exit for

(d) Exit do

(iv) Which of the following arithmetic operations has the highest level of precedence?

(a) +-

(b)  */

(c)  ^ exponentiation

(d)  ()

(v) _________ is property which is used to hide the content in text box with some symbols.

(a) Name

(b) Caption

(c) Hidden

(d) Password char

(vi) ______ method is used to retrieve the stored text from the clipboard.

(a) Input

(b) Get text

(c) Add text

(d) Set text

(vii) The default property for a text box control is:

(a) Text

(b) Enable

(c) Multiline

(d) Password char

(viii) ________ is a collection of files.

(a) Class

(b) Group

(c) Project

(d) All of the above

(ix) The method which loads the form into memory and displays it on screen is_______

(a) Load

(b) Show

(c) Display

(d)  All of these

(x)  _____ array sixe can be changed at run-time

(a) Fixed

(b) Preserve

(c) Dynamic array

(d) Multidimensional

(xi) _______ indicates whether a particular condition is on or off.

(a) Text box

(b) Check box

(c) List box

(d) Combo box

(xii) From-moused-down () procedure executed when any mouse button is clicked in a free area of the_______

(a) Form

(b) Window

(c) Screen

(d) None of these

(xiii) The ________ is a tool used for both input and output purpose:

(a) Label

(b) Text box

(c) Combo box

(d) Command button

(xiv) In Visual Basic the declaration of variables is done by _________ keyword.

(a) int

(b) dim

(c) static

(d) declare

(xv) An object data type can store______

(a) 1 byte

(b) 2 byte

(c) 4 byte

(d) 8 byte

(xvi) The variables that does not change the value during execution of program is_______

(a) Numeric

(b) String

(c) Constant

(d) None of the above

(xvii) In VB, a variable name cannot be more than ________ character

(a) 255

(b) 300

(c) 355

(d) 400 

(xviii) The function procedure is ___________ by default,

(a) Public2

(b) Private

(c) Protected

(d) None of the above

(xix) In VB _______ is the extension to represent project file.

(a) .frm 

(b) .vbp

(c)  .cls

(d) .vb

(xx) ______ do not return value.

(a) Sub procedure

(b) Function procedure

(c) Property procedure

(d) All of these





Answer all Five Questions: -                         (5*4=20) 


2. (i) Define any two of the following terms.

a)   Data type

b)   Constructor

c)    Destructor

(ii) State any two features of visual programming.


a)             Describe in short any two standard toolbox controls available in VB.

b)             Explain in brief any two properties of VB form.



a)   What is event-driven programming?

b)   Describe any two menus available in VB.


a)   What do you understand by OOP?

b)   What is the use of file and edit means?



a)   What is DAO?

b)   What is Data Bound Controls (DBC)? Give an example.


a)   What is ADO?

b)   Explain data grid and bound controls in brief.



a)   What is difference between static array and dynamic array?

b)   What is loop? List down the types of loop available in VB.


a)   What is difference between implicit and explicit variable in VB?

b)   What are logical operators? Briefly describe four of them.



a)   What is IIS? Explain in brief.

b)   Differentiate between Radio Button and Checkbox.


a)   What do you mean by ASP? Describe in brief.

b)   Write the purpose of list view control and image control in VB.

Group:- "C"


Answer all Five Questions: -                         (5*6=30) 



a)   List down the new features added in visual basic 6.0.

b)   Describe in brief about the IIS applications.


a)   Describe any three new controls that are added in VB 6.0.

b)   What do you mean by an IDE? What are its benefits?


8.  Write short notes on the following:

a)   Data Access Objects

b)   Active X Objects


a)   What is Visual Basic report designer? Explain in brief.

b)   Explain any three components of an IDE.


9. What is HTML? Explain in brief any six tags of HTML with their uses.


What is Active server page? How is it different from HTML?



a)   What is Active X control?

b)   What is the utility of status bar control?


Describe each of the following in brief.

a)   Front dialog box

b)   Print dialog box


11. Design a VB project which performs the following operations:

a)   Cut

b)   Paste

c)    Copy

d)   Clear


Design a VB project to find out the factorial of any positive number by using the function procedure.











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