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Introduction to Virus.

Virus Protection (Antivirus)

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Introduction to virus: -

1.   Virus is a type of computer program and code which is capable of affecting our computers data by corrupting or destroying them.

2.   Viruses has tendency to makes itself of duplicate copy at a swift place.

3.   It can spread across every folder and can damage the data of our computer.

4.   Virus is actually a malware i.e. malicious software program, when virus infecting our system, it replicates itself by modifying other computer program and inserting its own code.

5.   Computer viruses are unwanted software programs or code that interferes with the functioning of our computer.

6.   Viruses can replicate to produce copies of it to spread from one program to another program and from one infected computer to another computer.

Types of computer virus: -

1.   Overwrite Virus: -

a. Overwrite virus is the simplest computer virus it overwrite the code of the host computer systems file with its own malicious code.

b. The data of the infected file is replaced partially or completely without changing the size of the file.

c. Overwrite virus destroys the original program code by overwriting it with its defective code.

2. Macro Virus: -

a. Macro virus infects the macros of a document or data file.

b. Macro virus embedded as a macro in our document and adds its own codes to the macros of the document.

c. The fist macro virus named concept that spread through emails with attached Ms Word documents and it can infected MsWord 6.0 and MsWord 95 documents.

d. Software programs which execute macros such as Ms Word, Ms Excel also spread macro virus.

3. File Infector Virus: -

a. File infector virus is one of the most common viruses found in computer viruses.

b. The file infector virus mainly infects the executable file like .com or .exe extensions.

c. When the infected files are executed then the virus becomes active.

d. Active virus overwrites the file partially or completely which cause destroys of original file.

4. Rabbit virus: -

a. Rabbit virus is also known as wabbit¸a fork bomb.

b. Rabbit virus is capable of creating new process and each new process further create new process like infinite loop, until this virus utilizes all the available resources in the system and system falls short of resources.

c. This new process may cause the target system to slow down and crash.

5. Computer Worm: -

a. Computer worm is similar to virus but technically different from virus.

b. Computer worm can replicate and spread like virus but it does not need a host program to spread.

c. Computer worm spreads through networks such as email sent to an infected mail-id can infect our computer system with a worm.

d. Computer worm can produce multiple copy of itself.

6. Trojan Horse: -

a. Trojan horse is a type of malware like virus and worm but technically different from both virus and worm.

b. Trojan horse cant replicate itself like worm and virus but it can hide itself inside a program.

c. Trojan horse can provide unauthorized access to our computer and send our files to other computers and it may delete files or can make other unwanted changes in our computer.

How does Virus Affect: -

1. While downloading files from the internet virus can enter in our system.

2. When we are using pen drive in our system.

3. Attachment of email virus can enter.

4. Through unprotected or poor administrator passwords.

5. Coping of data through external storage device like CD, DVD, Memory card, Hard disk etc.

Impact of virus: -

1. Viruses disrupt the normal functionality of our computer system.

2. It can also disrupt use of system network.

3. It can destroy our computer data.

4. Disrupt our computer network resources.

5. Viruses can modify configuration setting of our system without our permission

Symptoms of a computer virus: -

1. Slow in computer performance: -

If any virus infect our system our system may work slowly i.e. it will take more time to open, shut down, or while opening document, file, applications etc.

2. Hard Drive issue: -

Virus may cause unwanted changes to our hard drive and may crash or freeze device.

3. Frequently pop-ups: -

Any unusual frequent pop-ups seen in our system is caused by virus.

4. Unknown programs: -

When we start our computer, unwanted programs may open or start automatically and sometime our system may shutdown unexpectedly without any reasons.

5. Unnecessary advertisements: -

While browsing we always see advertisements but if we see them even we are not browsing may indicates a virus in our system.

6. Changed Homepage: -

Home page of our system may change without any effort from our side.

7. Strange Message: -

If we see strange message on a computer screen such as error message e.g., cannot rename folder “as a folder already exists with the same name.


Virus Protection (Antivirus): -

To protect our system from virus and virus attack we used antivirus, which help us to protect our system from antivirus.

1. Antivirus is a software program which is designed to prevent, detect, and remove viruses and other malware attack on the computer system, networks, and IT systems.

2. Antivirus also protects our system and networks from the variety of threats and viruses such as Trojan horses, worms, keyloggers, browser hijackers, rootkits, ransomware etc.

3. Most of the antivirus program comes with an auto-update features which enabling the system to check for new viruses and threats regularly.

4. Antivirus also provides some additional features like scanning of e-mail, pen-drive, external storage device, downloading from internet which ensures that they are free from malicious attachments, web links, malicious files etc.

What does Antivirus Software do?

Different companies build antivirus software and each offer some basic essential functions: -

1. Antivirus scan specific files or directories for any malware or known malicious patterns.

2. We can schedule scans to automatically run for us.

3. Its allow us to initiate scans of a particular file or entire computer, or CD or flash drive any time.

4. Antivirus shows the health of our computer.

5. Antivirus removes any malicious code detected.

Always be sure that we have the best, up-to-date security software installed to protect our computers, laptops, tablets, and smart-phones.

What are the Benefits of Antivirus Software: -

Antivirus protects more than just laptops, office computers, smart-phones & tablets. Antivirus protects system information like precious memories, music, photo libraries and important document form malware.

1.  Detecting, removing & blocking of viruses, malware & ransomware from our system.

2. It warns about dangerous websites and links before we click.

3. If an email address has been compromised it scans the dark web from that mail.

4. It keeps online accounts protected with secure password encryption.

5. Helps our system to keep running smoothly, just like new.

Deletion & Removal Utilities Anti Virus Packages to prevent detect & delete Viruses.


Some most effective antivirus: -

There are some following effective antiviruses as follows: -

1. McAfee Antivirus Plus

2. Avast Pro Antivirus

3. Bitdefender Antivirus

4. Avira Antivirus

5. Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus

6. Quick Heal Antivirus

Virus Detection: -

The most fundamental method to detect virus is to check the functionality of our computer system. A virus affected computer does not work or take command properly.

If we have a antivirus software in our system then it is easy to check programs and files on a system for virus signatures.

Virus Preventative measure: -

To prevent our system from viruses we can follow below points:

1. Install effective antivirus software.

2. Put highly secure password.

3. Always try to use firewalls.

4. Dont click any unknown links.

5. Always scan flash drives.



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