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Computer Programming Through ‘C’

Some important question related to introduction to programming.

What is a program?

1. A program is a set of instruction that are grouped together to accomplish a task or tasks.

2. We can also say that a computer program is a sequence of instruction that are written using a computer programming language like C, C++ , JAVA to perform a specified task by the computer.

3. Computer is a computational device that is used to process the data under the control of a computer program.

4. Example: -




printf(Welcome to the world of programming);



5. Each single line, in the above program is called an instruction or a statement.

6. The process of writing a program to solve the given problem is called programming.


What is the difference between algorithm and flowchart?




Step by step process to solve the problem is known as algorithm.

Diagram created by different shapes to show the flow of data is known as flow chart.

It is complex to understand.

It is easy to understand

Algorithm uses plain text to represent itself

Flowchart uses symbols shapes to represent itself

Difficult to construct

Simple to construct

There are no rules to be followed while writing an algorithm.

There is a rules to be followed while constructing a flow chart

Algorithm is the pseudo code for the program

Flowchart is just graphical representation of the program logic

It is easy to debug

It is hard to debug,


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What is the difference between Linking and Loading?



Difference between Testing and Debugging: -



The process of finding bugs and errors in a program is called testing.

The process of correcting the bugs which are found during testing is called debugging.

Testing the process to identify the failure of implemented code.

Debugging is the process to give the solution to the failure code.

The display of errors known as testing.

The solving of errors or bugs is known as debugging.

Testing is done by the tester.

Either programmer or developer can done debugging.

Testing process doesn't need of design knowledge.

Without proper designing knowledge debugging cannot be done.

Testing is based on different testing levels i.e. unit testing, integration testing, and system testing.

Debugging is based on different types of bugs.


Testing is composed of validation and verification of program.


Debugging process seeks too much symptom with cows buy that it leads to the error correction.



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